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Bishop Darryl & Katrina Johnson

Glad Tidings Church, Inc. 

Glad Tidings Christian Academy & Daycare

GTCA Fundraiser

Please click on the video link to the right of this message to see and hear part of our ministry vision. Then please click on the link following this message to give to this effort.

Click Here to Contribute and thank you for giving

Service Prices

Academy Registration


Non Refundable

Academy Tuition- Grades 1st-6th  First Child

 $300 per month

Academy Tuition Grades 1st-6th Second Child $290 per month

Academy Tuition-Grade 1st-6th Third Child

 $280 per month

7:00am to 7:50am Breakfast/Daycare $5.00 per day Lunches  $5.00 per day

Academy Registration and Tuition Payments by " Cash App"

Breakfast and Lunch Payments

Day Care Registration


Non Refundable

Pre-K3 & K4, Kindergarten Tuition First Child

 $250 per month

Pre-K3 & PK4  and Kindergarten Tuition 2nd Child 

 $240 per month

Pre-K3 & PK4, Kindergarten Tuition 3rd Child 

$230 per month

7:00am to 7:50am Breakfast/Daycare $5.00 per day Lunches $5.00 per day

Pre-K3, PK4, Kindergarten Registration and Tuition Payments by "Cash App"

Once Per Year Book Rental


Pre K-3 thru K-5 will purchase books 

(The price includes a school T- Shirt)

Pre-K3/Day Care 

 First Child $136 per week

Second Child $126 per week 

Third Child $120 per week

Pre-K3 Tuition Without  Day Care 

First Child $250 monthly

Second Child $240 monthly

Third Child $230 monthly

Pay by "Cash App"